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Coconut Oil

The coconut oil is used as food, or in industrial and cosmetic use.

In the industrial field, is used for the production of toilet soaps , liquid detergents such as bubble bath , shampoo, detergents and less aggressive than those traditional chemical , sometimes coconut oil is also used as an emollient in the composition of shaving foams and dentifrices.

coconut oilCoconut Oil use in cosmetics is considerable for its beneficial properties against the skin and hair . In tropical countries the people are using it daily to anoint the body and hair , in order to nourish the skin, protect it from dryness and aging , making it silky and supple , despite the effects of the sun at those latitudes is particularly aggressive , and protect the hair becoming more full-bodied , shiny and healthy .
The coconut oil is also the basic ingredient of the famous Monoi de Tahiti, a fragrant vegetable oil obtained by macerating Tiare flowers copra oil , a symbol of the beauty of Polynesian women , and now universally known for its cosmetic properties on skin and hair .

Today in Europe and in Italy using pure coconut oil is becoming increasingly common. Coconut oil is a great natural conditioner for hair and a perfect moisturizer for the skin, contains beneficial substances to the health of the body such as lauric acid and capric acid .

Coconut oil is the safe, convenient , works very well and is very easy to use.

Coconut oil and its benefits

 is in fact able to bring enormous benefits to both the skin to the hair , is nutritious and makes them bright and soft. Preserving the natural proteins in the hair is able to restore vigor and health of the hair from root to tip , and even reduce the occurrence of dandruff. Applying it to the skin , even on those dry and mature , it is highly moisturizing . Coconut oil reduces wrinkles and cure psoriasis.

Thanks to its beneficial properties coconut oil is contained in many products for skin care and hair that are found in commerce . The lauric acid content inside is an antibacterial and a natural antifungal .

Coconut Oil Benefits for Hair .

Have you ever looked at what ingredients are contained in most hair conditioners ?

If you pause to read the contents of the balm that you normally use , or any other product that you find at the grocery store , you’ll probably find that it contains ingredients that absolutely did not know the existence and very easily find the presence of substances petroleum-based . Horror !

Fortunately, the hair products in addition to containing substances not entirely beneficial to the body often contains a bit ‘ of coconut oil . So why not try to eliminate toxic substances and use only natural ones. Those who have tried to use coconut oil as a salve , he never purchased a balm industry.
The use of coconut oil as hair oil and or balm for a long time , will give you fantastic results in a much cheaper way .
Coconut oil keeps the hair soft and shiny , also thanks to its substances can keep your hair healthy and strong. Some research suggests that even aid in protecting against hair loss .

How to use coconut oil as a hair conditioner :

Just buy a jar of coconut oil ( use the ‘ organic if available) and use about a tablespoon or more ( depending on the amount and length of hair) with each wash .

Gently massage the scalp and saddles lengths , leave on the hair for about half an hour, or more. After about half an hour you will be able to shampoo , the hair will be soft and shiny , like no other product has left them .

coconut oilCoconut Oil Benefits for Skin

coccoGli oil uses of coconut oil on the skin are multiple, can ‘ be used daily or on special occasions .

For daily use , we recommend using coconut oil before the shower massaging all over the body to render your skin nourished and silky , this way you will not have the need to apply any cream afterwards ; Coconut oil can ‘ also be used as after-bath thanks to the elasticity helps prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

This natural oil is also excellent and the sea, its use is recommended before the bath , to prevent salinity and exposure to the sun drying out the skin, making it dry and flaky.

Coconut oil nourishes the skin , but it is necessary to take into account that it is devoid of sunscreens , so it must be associated with a sun protection .

Coconut oil is also an excellent nutrient for the skin of the face and lips : you can add a few drops to the usual face cream to make it more nutritious and more effective anti-aging .

Coconut Oil and Children

The pure coconut oil , it is useful also to nourish and protect the skin of children as it is completely natural and is free of harmful chemicals such as parabens and synthetic fragrances .

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