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Coconut Water

Surely you have already heard about, or maybe you have even already bought and tasted the Coconut Water . For some years now the coconut water has become a cult classic for those who want to do sports and for those who want to fight cellulite.

The Coconut Water is a liquid that forms naturally inside the shell of the fruit. It ‘ a common drink in many tropical countries and is becoming increasingly popular in the United States and Europe. Some of the companies marketing as a natural sports drink , but in fact the coconut water to well over property.

COCONUT WATERWhy drink coconut water ?

In many countries , coconut water is drunk because it is rich in beneficial properties for health. Coconut water is formed from 94 % of water and low in calories. Coconut water is a good source of B vitamins and potassium . Rich in electrolytes, various plant hormones , enzymes and amino acids. Some substances have antioxidant benefits of coconut water on the body.

Scientific studies suggest that drinking coconut water coconut water could prevent heart disease and stroke. Another small study found that coconut water significantly reduces systolic blood pressure in 71% of people with hypertension.

Coconut Water source of Hydration

Coconut water has been used as a method to rehydrate after exercise or disease. Coconut water has been used in the past as a substitute for emergency transfusion of plasma .

Coconut water is a food . If you crack open a raw coconut , coconut water is the liquid in the center.

Do not confuse the oil or Coconut Water with Coconut Milk

Do not confuse coconut water with other liquids derived from coconuts . The coconut milk is in fact 10 times more calorie water and is made from the flesh of the coconut . Coconut milk is rich in saturated fat and is an ingredient in many recipes. Coconut oil is derived from milk instead of coconut or dried coconut meat . Coconut oil is used for cooking, skin care .

Has Coconut Water side effects ?

There are no side effects . Coconut water is safe and is second only to drinking water. However, it contains a fair amount of sodium and potassium , so it may be a good choice for people already integrate these minerals with supplements.

COCONUT WATER6  benefits of coconut water

1 . It prevents dehydration.

Refuel and rehydrate – coconut water maintains fluid levels in the body and its potassium content helps to keep the water pressure inside the cells and the blood.

2 . Fuel for the brain and muscles.

Thanks to its content of electrolytes , coconut water improves the functioning of the nervous system and nerve transmission .

Prevents cramps and spasms in the muscles.

3 . Heart and kidneys healthy.

Reduces the risk of hypertension and stroke, and helps to prevent or resolve kidney stones.

4 . Anti- aging.

Contains compounds ( cytokinins ) , which protect cells from aging and cancer.

5 . Digestive aid .

Improves digestion and metabolism through bioactive enzymes . Aids absorption of food and drug efficacy due to its electrolytic effect . Soothes intestinal pain / spasm .

6 . Supports immune function.

Its content of lauric acid has anti- fungal, anti -bacterial and anti -viral drugs . Strengthens the immune system to fight infections , helping to eradicate intestinal worms

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