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Weight loss can be difficult for people. Sometimes people find that diet and exercise alone isn’t enough to help people lose weight. This can cause a person to have feelings of guilt or failure because they were unable to lose weight by just simply following a diet and exercising on a regular basis. For other people, exercise just simply isn’t an option. Consider someone who has lost a limb, experiences bad joint pain, or has some other reason that they are unable to exercise.

For any reason that diet and exercise isn’t enough to help someone lose weight, your doctor may suggest that you try diet pills. Diet pills exist in a wide variety of applications. Many of them are available only by prescription, but there are also over the counter diet pills. Additionally, the market is full of dietary supplements that are also intended to help a person lose weight. While the number and varieties of diet pills can seem almost endless, most of the pills and supplements on the market fall into the following categories.

Fat Burners

Fat burners are diet pills that increase the body’s metabolism. This is similar to making your car idle faster. If your car idles at 1,000 rpm instead of the normal 800 rpm, you will burn more gas. That is the exact effect that we want to have on the body when trying to lose weight. These diet pills work by making your body idle faster. Since your body is using more energy, it will naturally have to burn the extra calories that are stored as fat, which means that you will lose weight.

Most of the time, fat burners exist as a stimulant. These can be mild stimulants such as caffeine, or they can be more aggressive stimulants. Fat Burners are meant to be used only on a short-term basis, which means that they will lose effectiveness over time. For this reason, fat burners are best combined with exercise and a proper diet and are meant to give people an extra boost with meeting their weight loss goals. They really are not suited for long term use, because the body will adapt to these drugs and simply learn how to run more efficiently, which nullifies a fat burner’s effectiveness.

Fat Binders and Fat Blockers

This class of diet pills works on the basis of preventing the body from absorbing fat. By not absorbing fat, the body will be deprived of nutrients that come with the fats that are found in food. This can be good and bad at the same time. For example, our bodies need certain kinds of fats. Consider for example healthy fats that are found in olive oil. On the other hand, we really do not want the fat that we get by eating too much butter or deep fried foods. Ideally, fat binders and fat blockers work because many of the processed food that we find are high in the bad kinds of fat that is high in calories and cause us to lose weight.

In 2007 the FDA did approve for over the counter use of fat binders and blockers. This makes this form of diet pill one of the more safe types of pills that a person can take to lose weight. Fat blockers/binders do not tend to lose their effect over time like fat burners do, which makes them better suited for people who need to lose weight on a long term basis. The side effects have been mild, with one odd exception. People who use fat binders/blockers have had trouble with bowel control.

Appetite Suppression

Appetite suppression drugs have been used to help people lose weight. The theory behind these drugs is obvious: help a person lose weight by preventing them from overeating. The kinds of appetite suppression drugs are endless. Some of them are anti-depressants. Other ones are supplements such as hoodia. There are also forms of appetite suppressants that suppress receptors in the brain that would normally cause a person to eat.

Since there is a wide range of appetite suppressant diet pills, it is difficult to fully discuss the full range of side effects or effectiveness. The side effects can include dry mouth, insomnia, or high blood pressure. The effectiveness also varies. For some people, using dietary supplements is enough to suppress their appetite and lose weight. Other people need to use the drugs. However not all people find that the drugs or supplements really crave their appetites at all. This makes the effectiveness of appetite suppressors sporadic.

Carb Blockers

Carb blockers are similar to fat binders/blockers, only they target carbohydrates instead of fat. Basically, this allows a person to lose weight by following something that is similar to the Atkins Diet. If you deprive the body of carbohydrates, then the body must use energy that is stored in fat cells to continue to function. Carbohydrates are essentially a food that turns into blood glucose, which is then energy that is distributed throughout the body in the blood stream.

If you do not absorb carbohydrates, then the body can make it’s own glucose out of fat cells. This isn’t very efficient, which means that the body has to work harder to provide itself with energy. That means you will lose weight. Like appetite suppressors, carb blockers can come in drug form or supplement form. My personal experience with the supplement form isn’t much to brag about, however the drug form may be more effective. You can also simulate this effect by strictly follow a no carbs diet, but obviously with the help of a diet pills, everything will be easier.

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