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Diet against water retention

The retention is the tendency to retention of liquids in the body. Liquids are stagnating in the spaces intercellular creating imbalances in the venous and lymphatic systems . The diet against water retention can be useful especially for women , which can be considered a prelude to the dreaded cellulite.

Diet against water retention

Although water retention is caused by several factors , such as hormonal problems , lack of exercise and intake of certain drugs , etc. .. , follow a healthy diet definitely helps to prevent it.

Basic Rules Diet Water Retention

To prevent and combat water retention and cellulite is also necessary to follow a regular healthy diet that helps the body not to accumulate liquids.

Basic Rules:

  • Reduce the amount of sodium , limiting the salt replacing it with herbs and spices
  • Reduce the consumption of packaged foods that contain substantial quantities of salt .
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water daily infusions and teas preferably unsweetened
  • Choose foods that have nutritional properties

Foods recommended for Diet Against Water Retention .

Fruits and Vegetables: Fruits is an ally to defeat the Water Retention , especially melons and citrus fruits but also strawberries and kiwi. Another will be your ally vegetables, especially tomatoes, peppers, and green leafy vegetables and wide.

High-fiber foods . Take good dose of fiber-rich foods , such as cereals, pasta and rice, preferably whole , these are in fact essential in any type of detox diet , in fact ensure bowel regularity and prevent bloating and water retention , especially in the abdominal area .

 Iron and calcium . Make sure you get enough calcium and iron.

Proteins. Avoid excessive consumption of red meat and prefer poultry and fish contain less fat and help reduce water retention.

Useful Tips .

As mentioned previously , the power supply is only one of the factors that can promote water retention , do regular physical activity, and maybe some massage, promote the elimination of liquids and reduce the orange peel effect .

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