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Five things about fat that will amaze you

  1. Fat is not a bad thing.In fact, its quite essential in order to live a normal, energetic life. An average slim woman will have around 100,000 calories of fat on her body.
  2. An average adult will have about 55 billion fat cells – that’s more than the entire population of earth!how-to-lose-belly-fat
  3. Thinking can make you pile on the kilos. No joke. Some research conducted in Canada showed that thinking and concentrating can induce the body to feel hungrier, which in turn made the subjects eat more than those who were told to relax.
  4. Your body stops producing fat cells after you turn 12/13. However, given the right conditions, these fat cells can get bigger and bigger…up to 10/12 times their initial size!
  5. The human body has two types of fat tissues – white and brown. White fat is found in adults while brown fat is only found in babies.

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