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Fruit & lose weight: Facts and myths

Prevail numerous misunderstandings about fruit, especially when it comes to dieting and weight loss.Below you will find the most important facts and myths regarding fruit & lose weight …

1. Fruit helps in weight loss (fact)

A healthy body is better able to break down body fat reserves and burn than an unhealthy body. Fruit helps your body to stay because the vitamins, minerals, trace elements, phytochemicals, enzymes, fiber and water supplies healthy. Thus fruit definitely contribute to weight loss.

2. Fruit is packed sugar (fable)

There are regularly negative comments left about fruit. The core of this negativity has almost always refers to the sugars in fruit: ” Be careful with fruit, because fruit contains sugar . ‘ Fruit does contain fruit sugars own, but the density of carbohydrate fruit is so bad.

Even the most sugary fruits (bananas, cherries, grapes, figs and others) do not have extremely high sugar concentration. This is because fruit simply consists largely of water and fiber. ‘s many fiber in fruit also ensure that fruit excellent fill and that the be absorbed into your blood sugar. fruit sugars evenly

3. Fruit should not be eaten (fact) unlimited

That fruit is healthy, does not mean you-can-eat. Unlimited supplies Fruit namely calories and also barely contain most fruits proteins. vegetables than You should also see it as an important part of your diet. Two pieces of fruit a day is a good indicator, try also to vary in fruits as much as possible.

4. There are healthy and unhealthy fruit (fable)

“Bananas are unhealthy because they include just as much sugar as a small Mars. ‘…’ Watermelon should not eat because of the high glycemic index.” … “Avocado is too fat.” … These are all fallacies to a certain kind of fruit not to eat.

The only thing you should keep in mind is that you do not successively 5 bananas, 2 watermelons or 3 avocados inside to work. All fruits are healthy, as long as you but not too much to eat. The great thing about fruit is that you feel after a serving of fruit generally been met because of the many fibers and enzymes.

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