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How to get rid of a Pimples?

How to get rid of pimples in a natural way from the comfort of home? Naturally eliminate pimples is simple , there are so many different ways to get rid of pimples , but precisely because they are so many , you can create a lot of confusion in choosing one or the other , based on what they promise, and there ‘ is never the certainty that a product really works . Why ? Because it depends on the type of skin you have , depends on the type of pimples, and it depends on what you want , how fast you want to get rid of the problem , if you do not mind using harsh chemical treatments that may irritate the skin even in the short term , or if you prefer to find a method that works a bit ‘ more slowly, but it is safe and works without too much risk.

Get rib of a Pimples Naturally

What are the naturally ways to eliminate pimples from your face ?
You’re probably already aware that the most common way to remove pimples is simply to use detergents or some special cream for acne on the skin. Cleansers and acne creams are especially popular because they are quite affordable , even from the economic point of view , and are very easy to apply.

A little trick to eliminate pimples temporarily

Here’s a simple trick that can help improve the condition of the skin on the face when you wash your face , simply wash with warm or hot water before – of course not too hot – and after spray container with cold water. The reason why you have to practice this method lies in the fact that , when using hot water , the pores of the skin open , and you can get deeper into the pores to eliminate bacteria and the oil blocked . The cold water that is used subsequently used to close the pores again , completely cleaned up. This is a good remedy that can reduce the problem, but , in itself, is not powerful enough to really remove pimples permanently.

Squeeze pimples

It is always tempting to squeeze a pimple , but it would be better not to do it, because when you squeeze a pimple , the bacteria that are responsible for the onset of acne will start to spread on the pores of the skin, causing the formation of pimples and other often leaving ugly scars , very difficult to remove. So usually you are advised not to crush them unless certain precautions are used as well to disinfect the area of the pimple crushed and do not touch it with bare hands while crushing .

GET RID OF A PIMPLESThe lemon to get rib of a Pimples

You can use lemon juice to help get rid of pimples. The lemon juice is effective , because the citric acid helps to get rid of excess sebum and all kinds of dirt and the vitamin C contained in it is very good for the skin.

Take the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon and apply it on the skin, paying particular attention that does not go into your eyes. Lemon juice can be very particular, like feeling to the skin, at first , and you may notice the appearance of redness and itching. These sensations , fortunately, they only last for a while, usually about five minutes. Subsequently, the itching disappeared and so did the redness and the skin will appear smoother, healthier with a distinct feeling of clean.

Changes to eliminate pimples

But the best way to eliminate pimples , actually , you do it from the inside of our body. This has a lot to do with the diet that you follow and personal hygiene. This does not mean that it is dirty , or that you have a poor diet, it just means that you are probably doing some small error in the cleaning and that you are eating certain foods that can worsen acne significantly. Even if you were following a healthy diet , you are probably taking some food , generally considered healthy, which instead favors the onset of pimples.

Home remedies for Get Rid of a Pimples

There are several great advantages when it comes to preparing home remedies for pimples and first of all are, of course , it goes without saying , the ability to do it with comfort at home, and are cheaper than the market . But more importantly the price and comfort, is the fact that there are risks associated with the use of natural remedies basically close to zero . It ‘ a comparison made ​​with some common prescription drugs for the treatment of pimples , it can show how the latter can manifest side effects such as difficulty breathing , severe headache and abdominal pain, and so on.

Toothpaste to remove pimples

One of the most popular home remedies and considered as one of grandma’s remedies to remove pimples par excellence consists in applying toothpaste on the skin , or rather , more precisely , on the pimples . This works because the toothpaste helps to dry pimples . However, if you have very sensitive skin , this treatment is not the most suitable , some people may experience skin rashes and skin irritation , especially if they take too long in the tooth paste on the skin. This in any case is considered as the solution of an emergency as it has the advantage that it takes only five seconds to literally put toothpaste on pimples and is very fast in drying the pimple .

Facial masks with oatmeal to get rid of  a Pimples

A good home remedy to eliminate pimples is the preparation of a mask of oatmeal which naturally helps to remove excess oil from the skin. You simply take a few handfuls of oats cool , grind in a blender to obtain a powder, and mix thoroughly with water , forming a kind of ” pasta ” . If you want, you can add a little ‘ rose water , or an essential oil. In this way seem to live a ” spa experience .” After about 15 minutes , wash your face with warm water and finish with a mist of cold water. Recall that the warm water helps to open and widen the pores to allow the removal of everything that blocks them , and that cold water helps close pores .

The hay greek as a home remedy against pimples

Other DIY remedy to eliminate pimples is prepared with fenugreek crushed with a mortar that helps turn it into a kind of paste to be applied on the skin for about 15 minutes. Afterwards, wash your face with warm water. It ‘ better to do this hay greek mask before going to bed in the evening .

Diet against pimples

Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in large quantities , and avoid processed foods . Fresh fruits and vegetables have beneficial properties for all skin types, but also for the health – and overall health will also help your skin!

Garlic as a home remedy

Here’s another simple and sometimes not calculated home remedy to eliminate pimples : Take a clove of garlic, cut it to a pulp and rub it on the pimples but also around. The smell is not the best, but garlic is a natural antibiotic , therefore, certainly the pimple will be short lived . The problem with this remedy is just the smell but you can opt for other remedies such subsequent wash with warm water mixed with a few drops of fresh lemon juice which helps to eliminate the trace of the odor on the skin.

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