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Undercut cutting: one side hair shaved are trendy

One of the coolest cuts of the moment, even if you do not like it at all. We are talking about cutting undercut, with hair shaved on one side only

Saucy, a little ‘ rebel , nonconformist and with the desire to give a personal touch to your look. If you’re not afraid to be daring in a hair, the one that suits your cuts are undercut or sidercut, back in fashion after the 80s .

But if thirty years ago, these cuts were typical of the punk scene, underground or metal, today the trend has spread to such an extent as to cancel any difference in style. E ‘ became a real trend with the shaved side lengths that are depopulated between the tops of all of us : from international stars on the red carpet to the common girls, from teens to those who have a few more years .

The first ones were Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Alice Dellal and Avril Lavigne already since last summer, and then the cut in question has become a craze.

Let’s start with a distinction, because in this field use the right words is crucial to understand exactly what we want our trusted hairdresser, without the usual travel and imaginative interpretation to which we are accustomed . Undercut is the name used for those cuts that provide a shave all around the head, the ear down, leaving only the length of departure on the cap; cuts sidercut provide instead a shave one side only, with the other half of hair of a length that varies from short to medium to long. And what about the color? The stars in all their extravagance we have become accustomed to the combination undercut cut – plain unlikely , for something more common to try to dye just the tips : the effect is guaranteed!

But why choose the Undercut Cutting?

Just look at some pictures to realize how those few inches of shaving, as at first glance defined by many bizarre and nonconformists, immediately make any interesting hairstyle, giving the face and whole person looked interesting, aggressive but at the time yet extremely feminine.

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